What is Poach?

Poach is probably best described as a recruitment intelligence tool. We help employers better understand their competition, as well as their own company by gathering content and data from around the web and making sense of it with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What does it cost?

The current version of Poach is free. Future versions will have paid options. But you'll always be able to monitor one business at no cost. We're a freemium solution.

What is a sentiment score?

We collect content from around the web and put it into our A.I. engine to create a sentiment score. A score of +10 is the highest score, which can be translated as a very satisfied workforce. A score of -10 is the lowest. When sentiment is at its lowest, or trending downward, is when you should consider poaching talent from your competition.

What data are you collecting from the web?

This is largely proprietary, but we gather employee reviews, social media triggers and news from around the globe to create sentiment scores at companies.

Who's behind Poach?

This guy, plus a small force of contract developers, designers, data scientists and grunts. And we shouldn't forget loving family and the endless companionship and support of the four-legged kind. 🐶

Where are you headquartered ?

We're based in Indianapolis, Ind. but service businesses all around the world. The cloud is cool like that.

Why do I have to Connect with Google?

Right now, joining our service with a Google account is the only way to utilize Poach. We do this for a few reasons, such as trust, ubiquity, convenience and transparency to name a few. You don't need to remember a Poach password, for example. If you don't have a Google account, or don't want to use your Google credentials to join our service, you're unfortunately out of luck at this time.

What did we miss?

Got a question we didn't answer, visit our Contact page and we'll do our best to help.